JAH Machine Quality Causes

 QC1 – RIGHT OF ENTRY: Receipt of this purchase order affords JAH, its customers and/or regulatory agencies the right of entry to verify product quality and documentation.

 QC2 – SPECIFICATIONS REQUIREMENTS: Unless otherwise specified, specifications utilized shall be the latest revision in effect on the date of the purchase order.

QC3 –  REPAIR: Under no circumstances shall a supplier or a supplier’s sub-tier perform any repair without specific written authorization from JAH.

QC4 –  SUB-TIER CONTROL: The supplier shall be responsible for flow down of all the requirements and provisions of JAH purchase order applicable to the supplier’s subcontractors.

QC5 –  PROCESS CERTIFICATION: Certifications are required with each shipment.  All certifications shall be traceable to the parts submitted and shall contain the signature and title of the authorized representative.

QC6 –  RAW MATERIAL CERTIFICATION: Each shipment shall be accompanied by with legible copies of the material certifications as furnished by the raw material supplier or an independent test laboratory.

QC7 –  CERTIFICATION OF CONFORMANCE: A legible and reproductive copy of a Certificate of Conformance must accompany each shipment.  The certificate must contain the signature and title of an authorized representative.

QC8 –  CORROSION PROTECTION: Parts shall be dipped or sprayed in suitable corrosion preventive oil during process and prior to shipment to JAH.

QC9 –  PACKAGING AND HANDLING: In performance of purchase order requirements, suppliers shall provide sufficient packaging of parts during manufacture, processing, handling or transportation as necessary to prevent damage or deterioration.

QC10 –  RECORD RETENTION: Supplier shall maintain quality records on file as objective evidence of conforming material furnished per purchase order requirements and the records shall be available upon request by JAH, its customers and/or regulatory agencies during 10 years after shipment.

QC11 –  NON-CONFORMING MATERIALS: Upon notification from JAH buyer that the material furnished by the supplier is found discrepant, the supplier shall promptly notify the buyer, in writing, of adequate and acceptable corrective action taken to eliminate the cause of discrepancy. The supplier response shall include: (a) Root Cause of Defect, (b) Corrective Action Taken, (c) Preventive Action Taken, (d) Effectivity.

QC12 – SUPPLIER DEVIATION REQUEST: For consideration by JAH and/or its customers, variations from drawings, specifications, or other purchase order requirements must be recorded and submitted on a vendor generated “Supplier Deviation Request”.

QC13 –  PREVENTION OF COUNTERFEIT PARTS: The Supplier warrants that Counterfeit parts/materials shall not be supplied to JAH or incorporated in the JAHs products and that only new, unused, authentic, genuine and legitimate parts/materials are supplied to JAH.  The Supplier shall maintain records of traceability that ensures tracking of the supply chain back to the manufacturer of material being supplied. This traceability record shall clearly identify the name and location of all supply chain intermediaries from the manufacturer to the Supplier and shall include the manufacturer’s identification for the material such as but not limited to date codes, lot codes, or other batch identifications. Upon request, these records are to be provided to JAH.

QC14 –  The Supplier shall ensure that its personnel have the required training and experience appropriate with the requirements necessary for the performance of this PO and are aware of their contribution to product or service conformity and the importance of ethical behavior.

 QC15 –  PRODUCT SAFETYThe Supplier shall ensure the product state in which a product is able to perform to its designed or intended purpose without causing unacceptable risk of harm to persons or damage to property

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